Transferring Robot

Key Feature
  • Uses inertial and visual navigation to achieve accurate positioning
  • Supports smooth motions via dual-wheel differential drive
  • Supports multi-level electrical threshold, auto-charge and back to work on battery dependency
  • Multi-safety protection: Contains laser obstacle avoidance and bumper strip
  • Supports up to 250 kg loads
  • Supports wireless communication and roaming in network covered area
Typical Application

Warehousing and logistics industries including e-Commerce, electronics manufacturing, tobacco, medicine

Index Parameter
Basic Parameters
Dimensions 1250 mm x 722 mm x 210 mm
Weight 140 kg
Rated load 250 kg
Motion Performance
Rated operating speed (Empty) 1200 mm/s
Rated operating speed (Rated load) 1200 mm/s
Rated acceleration (Empty) 600 mm/s²
Rated acceleration(Rated load) 400 mm/s²
Navigation ±10 mm
Positioning angle accuracy ±1 degree
Positioning accuracy ±10 mm
Rated voltage 48 V
Charge cycle 1500 times
Battery endurance 8 h
Charge time ≤1.5 h
Safety performance
Laser obstacle avoidance Front
Bumper strip Front/Rear