Laser Light-source Projectors


Model NP-PX2000UL
Projector Type 1 chip DMD reflection type
Specifications of main parts Main panel Size 0.96 inch DMD (aspect ratio: 16:10)
Resolution WXGA (1,920 dots × 1,200 lines)
Pixels*1 2,304,000 pixels
Projection lenses*2 Zoom/Focus Motorized
Lens shift Refer to Lens specifications
Light source Blue laser diode / Red laser diode
Light source (laser diode) life*2 20,000 hours
Optical unit C/W type (DLP) Colour separation by colour wheel;
time-multiplexing colour wheel method
Light output*3*4 Boost mode 19,000 lumens / 20,000 lumens (centre)
Normal mode 18,000 lumens / 19,000 lumens (centre)
Contrast ratio*4 (all white / all black) 10,000:1 with dynamic contrast
Screen size Please refer to the specifications of option lens
Colour reproduction 10-bit signal processing (approx. 1.07 billion colours)
Quietness (ECO mode / ECO mode off) 43 dB/ 45 dB
Scanning frequency (Synchronization) Horizontal 15 kHz, 24 to 153 kHz
Vertical 24 Hz, 25 Hz, 30 Hz, 48 Hz, 50 to 85 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz
Max. display resolution (horizontal × vertical ) Digital: 2,560 × 1,600 (WQXGA)
/ Analogue: 1,920 × 1,200 (WUXGA)
Keystone correction Horizontal Manual, Approx. ± 60 Max degrees
Vertical Manual, Approx. ± 40 Max degrees
Input/output connectors HDMI® Video input HDMI® Connector type A × 2 Deep Color (colour depth): 8-/10-/12-bit compatible Colorimetry: RGB, YCbCr444, YCbCr422, YCbCr420, REC2020, REC709, REC601 Supports HDCP*5
DisplayPort™ Video input DisplayPort × 1 Data rate: 5.4 Gbps/2.7 Gbps/1.62 Gbps, No. lanes: 1 lane/2 lanes/4 lanes Deep Color (colour depth): 8-/10-/12-bit compatible Colorimetry: RGB, YCbCr444, YCbCr422, REC709, REC601 Supports HDCP*5
HDBaseT™ / LAN port Video input RJ-45 × 1, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Deep Color (colour depth): 8-/10-/12-bit compatible Colorimetry: RGB, YCbCr444, YCbCr422, YCbCr420, REC709, REC601 Supports HDCP*5
SDI (3G/HD/SD) Video input BNC × 1 Input signals: SMPTE259M, SMPTE292M, SMPTE424M Colorimetry: RGB, YCbCr444, YCbCr422, REC709, REC601
Video output BNC × 1
Computer Video input Mini D-Sub 15 Pin × 1, BNC × 5
Video output Mini D-Sub 15 Pin × 1
3D Sync In BNC × 1, synchronized signal input for 3D use
1920 × 1200 RB 120 Hz, Frame sequential
Out BNC × 1, synchronized signal output for 3D use
Trigger 1/2 Stereo mini jack × 2
PC control connector D-Sub 9-pin × 1, 9600 bps
Remote connector Stereo mini jack × 1
Usage environment*6 Operating temperature: 5 to 40°C*7,
operating humidity: 0 to 80% (with no condensation)
Storage temperature: –10 to 60°C,
storage humidity: 0 to 80% (with no condensation)
Operating altitude: 0 to 4,200 m
Power requirement 200 – 240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz
Power consumption Light mode - Boost 1,922 W
Light mode - Normal 1,779 W
Light mode - ECO 1,461 W
Input current 9.7 A
Dimensions ( W× H× D) 530 × 248 × 745 mm (not including protruding parts)
Weight 51 kg (not including lens)
  • *1:Effective pixels are more than 99.99%.
  • *2:Time at which the laser light source is at half brightness; not a guarantee time.
  • *3:This is the light output value that results from setting [LIGHT MODE] to [NORMAL] and setting [PRESET] to [HIGH-BRIGHT] while using the NP47ZL lens (sold separately).
    The light output value is lower when setting [LIGHT MODE] to [ECO]. If any other mode is selected as [PRESET] mode, the light output value may drop slightly.
  • *4:Compliant with ISO21118-2012.
  • *5:If you are unable to view material via the HDMI, DisplayPort or HDBaseT input, this does not necessarily mean the projector is not functioning properly. With the implementation of HDCP, there may be cases in which certain content is protected with HDCP and might not be displayed due to the decision/ intention of the HDCP community. (Digital Content Protection, LLC).
  • *6:Depending on the altitude and temperature, the projector goes into “Forced ECO Mode”.

Brochure Download : WDPJ-2003-0012N.pdf (2.28MB)