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Aurora allows retailers to optimize the shoppingexperience by going beyond traditional traffic countingand conversion. From outside the store, to the entrance,and onto the shopper’s mobile device, Aurora simplifiesshopper behavior measurement with an all-in-onedevice built for the future of retail.

A powerful suite of in-store solutions.

Traffic counting and conversion
Staff exclusion
Display and window effectiveness
Shopper engagement
Store compliance and execution

Know your traffic.

Aurora leverages stereo vision and integrated on-board analytics toaccurately collect and measure behavior. No servers needed. Aurora worksseamlessly with RetailNext’s cloud and on-premise solutions. Traffic datacan be integrated with in-store POS feeds to provide key performancemetrics — such as conversion rates — across all stores, in real-time.

Remove staff from metrics.

Automatically exclude store staff from traffic and key KPI metrics.Isolate employee paths to create complete interaction analysis ofshoppers and sales associates.

Add texture to your traffic.

Go beyond basic traffic counting by leveraging data from Wi-Fi enabledsmartphones. Get powerful insights such as visit duration, unique traffic,pass-by traffic, visit frequency, and new vs. repeat visit rate.

Engage with your shopper.

Leverage Aurora’s built-in beacon capabilities to engage shoppers as theyenter your store. No need for any additional beacon hardware.

Ensure store compliance.

Do it without setting foot inside the store. Ensure flawless executionof marketing campaigns, visual merchandising, and loss preventionprocedures. Accessing live megapixel color video with up to 30 daysof on-board recording.

RetailNext Know your Shopper

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